Student Stories

The Audio Alchemy community share their experiences.

Rob // Salis

"Audio Alchemy was an all-around amazing experience that took my 20 years of production experience to the next level I was hoping for. The labs, one-on-one time, and exposure to other producers creates a super potent creative container that gives you the little tricks you need to take a washed out beginner track, and make it a cohesive professional sounding song. The accommodations, food, instructors, and other students made for 10 of the best days of my life. I stuck to the program, listened to the instructors and produced a song that ended up getting signed by Desert Trax. From the moment I finished the song to the moment it was signed happened within 48 hours of the retreat ending. Essentially I came into the retreat an experienced novice and left with a professional music signing.

Audio Alchemy really can be the catalyst you need to take your craft to the next level. Learn to create large sound pallets to produce your songs from. Comprehensive mastering techniques fine tune the ear to help you understand what makes a pro song sound pro. Synthesis and sequencing labs with leading producers give you the inside information to help you know what happens in other producer’s studios. Learn which plugins are working the best for different producers. Tons of super applicable information to be had, all of which elegantly woven into the alchemical format. Learn to hold space for your own creative process using alchemy, and create production techniques that work for you and help your projects through to the end. It’s the caliber of class you can return to and gleen more and more information from. I will definitely be re-attending. Excited about all things happening with this course."

Clara // Claraty

"Audio Alchemy is an event not to be missed. I come from a healing background as well as a family of musicians and to me music production has always had the potential of being something much more meaningful than just being “the next banger” or a way to express ego and get attention for it. I discovered Audio Alchemy somewhat magically in Hawaii and the program was PERFECT. You simply don’t find this combination of heart and expertise in most other offerings in the field. First of all, the technical production and sound design techniques that are offered are next level - some of the deepest layers of Ableton Live unfold.

Beyond that, they teach us to embody the alchemist, the one who brings spirit in to form and catalyzes creation into something that heals and raises the vibration of the planet. Now that is exactly what I want to do. From learning how to tune instruments to a more resonant frequency to embodying lifestyle habits to ensure our inner intent is aligned with our outer actions, to making the music just straight up more groovy and danceable - these guys truly pour their hearts into helping with it all. Not to mention even if they taught nothing - literally nothing, the community that forms here to jam and co-create and connect is worth signing up for alone. I’m going for my second year this year and I would hands down come out to Hawaii for Audio Alchemy just to be in this community and receive the downloads that come through the meeting of some of the most talented and genuine souls.

With gratitude always..."

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