Audio Alchemy Retreat

May 2-13, 2018 // Kalani, Big Island, Hawaii


Take yourself out of the matrix for a few weeks and feed your soul with our 10-day music production retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii


Connect with a supportive tribe of musical individuals who are transforming their lives through the practice of Audio Alchemy

Level Up

Enjoy 7 full days of talks, workshops, and collaborative music making, as well as 3 days of outdoor adventures and a festival too

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"This is a realigning of the musical spirit, a rejuvenation of commitment, motivation and desire to express through sound, a reprogramming of your creative BIOS into something joyful and unrestricted. An initiation into a supportive and inspiring tribe of musical minds that nourishes the heart and soul more than anything you can get from a thousand hours of training videos."

DK // Scotland


Expand Your Horizons

Audio Alchemy is the Swiss Army Knife of music production methodologies; a complete system of knowledge designed to turbo-charge your workflow and enrich the quality and diversity of your musical expression.

Learn how to prepare your music projects for optimum flow and efficiency. Explore advanced synthesis and sound design techniques for greater range and playability in your instruments. 

Glean new perspectives on music theory, composition & live performance. Learn to make music in any style, then edit, refine and mix it to the highest standards of production. 

Nourish Your Soul

Learn how to apply the ancient science of Alchemy to your music and your life while soaking up the lush healing vibes of the Big Island. 

Discover a new family of musical compadres and share two weeks in paradise with them making the music of your dreams. 

The Audio Alchemy Retreat is a transformational experience that goes way beyond the scope of conventional music education.  


Seven Phases

Audio Alchemy is the application of alchemical principles to the process of electronic music production.

The retreat provides 7 days of stimulating workshops and lab-time, 3 adventure days to let loose and explore, and a collaborative micro-festival on graduation day.

Each day of the retreat focuses on a specific phase of the creative process, equipping you with a revolutionary new workflow to make music in any style.

Workshops are based in Ableton Live using common third-party plugins and Ableton Push.


Phase 1


The aim of this phase is to prepare your DAW and plugins; to design a whole environment of instruments, patches and FX that can be easily played by you, with whatever hardware controllers you possess.

Create highly expressive presets which can be articulated in a multitude of ways, and fine-tuned to your unique sonic signature.

Focus: Design Your Instruments


Phase 2


Jam! Dissolve into flow. Learn to get in the zone on demand, and play your digital instruments like a modern virtuoso.

With good preparation in the first stage, you can more easily open the flood gates of creativity. Learn to get out of your mind, create from the body and make the most of your controllers.

Enter the zone where serendipity and happy accidents occur, and learn to harness "errors" and randomness in musical (and unexpected) ways.

Focus: Unlock Your Creative Flow


Phase 3


After a successful session in flow, we have a huge amount of clips and creative material to work with; beats, bass-lines, riffs, motifs etc.

The Collection phase is about keeping the best ideas from your creative dissolution, and expanding upon them, while letting go of the dross.

Focus: Capture Your Best Ideas


Phase 4


Bringing together the saved sonic elements from the previous phase, we compose a musical arrangement. 

This is where the project transforms from a collection of endless loops to a time-bounded musical journey with beginning, middle and end.

Focus: Compose Your Track


Phase 5


The editing phase has several parts to it. For one, it's about referencing and reflecting - testing the composition on different sound systems, getting perspective and feedback with which to refine the sound.

It's also about getting creative with the art of editing itself; tricking out the music with details and depth that would be difficult to achieve by other means.

Focus: Refine and Polish


Phase 6


The mixing phase is akin to distillation; a careful and subtle refinement process to bring about the perfect balance of opposites

It can be a slow and methodical process, smoothing the edges of waveforms and eliminating any remaining musical impurities.

Learn to dial in your mixes and find the perfect balance of tones, textures and flavours to satisfy your most refined taste.

Focus: Mixdown


Phase 7


Mastering is the final coagulation of the idea into a physical, releasable form.

This is the stage where the project becomes the product, where the music is released from your individual psyche to the collective mind.

Learn about mastering for release, as well as mastering for live performance. Get to grips with navigating the industry, and leveraging the digital domain for passion, purpose and profit.

Focus: Mastering, releasing and live performance

"I am currently on track to release a 16 track LP of all original music a mere 7 months after the retreat. If making music is your purpose, then being at this retreat will reveal the architect within you.

The echos of the Audio Alchemy Retreat will sound throughout the rest of my life. It’s helped me create stronger connections and learn to dive deeper in my life and my music."

Anthony Gibbs // Atlanta, GA


Every hero needs a yoda.

You get many.

Steve Young


Steve Young (aka Hedflux) was born in Scotland, and has been DJing and producing electronic music since the early 90s. From 1996-2004 he studied a masters degree and PhD in Theoretical Physics, where he developed a passion for scientific enquiry, teaching and mentoring.

After 5 years working in the tech industry, Steve finally left employment in 2010 to pursue his love of music as a full time career.

He has been privately coaching people in music production for most of the last decade, and also giving talks and workshops at festivals and music schools across the world.

In 2013 he linked up with Andy Freist (Opulence) - a DJ, multi-instrumentalist and internet entrepreneur based in Hawaii.

The two started a "mastermind" agreement, and met every week on Skype for 3 years to help each other develop and grow.

In 2016, Steve received a long term visa for the USA, and moved to Hawaii where he and Andy started the Audio Alchemy Retreat.

Hedflux LiB


Andy Freeland


Andy is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, event creator and entrepreneur based on the Big Island, Hawaii. He is the co-founder of Audio Alchemy, alongside Steve Hedflux.

By approaching modern electronic music from a instrumentalists perspective, he has turned the modern producer's studio into a highly playable instrument, thus opening up profound levels of self expression.

His mission is to utilize the power of sound to shift our world into a harmonious, consciously created reality.

Oscar Allison


Grouch encompasses the audible tales of New Zealand born producer Oscar Allison. Born and raised in the breathtaking surrounds of Aotearoa/New Zealand, the incredible backdrop infused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion that would later form a pivotal basis in his electronic foray.

Ever evolving in his quest for the perfect squelch, or the dirtiest skank, Oscar has spent a lifetime experimenting and developing sounds which bend the structures of electronic genre’s, all of them encompassing an original and unmistakable essence. His passion and production, have delivered him to some of the largest crowds at festivals such as Burning man, Universo Paralello, Boom festival, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Eclipse Festival and countless other shows all across 5 continents of the globe.

2018 marks a benchmark for Oscar’s career as he launches his new project Grouch in Dub with a self titled album Grouch in Dub soon to be released. The album translates the stories of his travels through exotic corners of the world, driving the musical influences of the album.. Moving deeper into the musicality of his production, Oscar has formed a band with the session musicians recording countless hours of music to create the album. And with it, the journey begins once more with a new chapter in the Grouch Saga, and that is The Grouch In Dub Band.

Grouch Profile photo

photo by : dima haver

Or Ron Stern


Or Ron Stern, musical producer born in Israel in the city of Rishon-Lezion, is known as the founder of the world-renowned project SYMBOLICO. Or Ron began his musical life at the age of 13 when he first listened to psytrance music artists such as: Juno-Reactor, Infected mushroom, Sun project, Goa Gil, Raja Ram, Simon Posford and many more.

The timeless and limitless realm of being was a doorway for Or Ron; a doorway of creativity, the same portal which opened at the very beginning when Or Ron listened to psytrance as a child; this portal is what UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE DECODED MUSICALLY is all about: a musical expression of a higher level of knowledge. It’s a type of knowledge one stores in the heart rather than the mind.

The wisdom behind the project is based on a musical expression of the work of some of the most respected spiritual teachers, philosophers and open minded meta physicians of our time.

Johnny Meek


Johnny Meek aka TEMPI is a multi instrumentalist and composer from the Bay Area, California. He started producing computer music in 2007 and proceeded to study music technology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA where he focused on composition, sound design, and theory. While in school he was exposed to new sounds and styles of electronic music through a tightknit community of likeminded individuals, which ultimately brought TEMPI to fruition.

Since his festival debut in 2012, TEMPI has shared his musical vision in various locations around the world including Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York, Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala, Luminosity Gathering in Canada, and the 2017 Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon.

In 2016 Johnny’s music was discovered by Steve Young (Hedflux) and the two made fast friends through their shared ideology about electronic music production. After attending the Audio Alchemy Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii the future became clear, and Johnny is thrilled to be returning in 2018 as a facilitator and experience designer for the retreat.



Shea Dawson


Echosphere is an electronic music experience created to support the opening of our hearts and minds towards a thriving civilisation of human beings, living in support of the whole ecology of life.

This project is the vision of Shea Dawson who has previously released music under the alias Mr Squatch.

Currently under heavy research and development, this exciting new project is scheduled to launch in 2019.

Maura Freeland

Maura is the Audio Alchemy master of ceremonies, bringing along decades of experience in guiding groups through transformation.

Her work invites us to explore the alignment of voice, spirit and body - allowing us to reach ever-deepening states of creative flow.

As a DJ, yogi, author, and vocalist, her mission is to invoke the full potential of the human organism both individually and collectively.

During the retreat she will be offering a potent daily practice to reconnect with our bodies and sharpen our minds.


Special Guests TBA

We'll be announcing more facilitators soon!

Stay tuned 🙂

"The Audio Alchemy Retreat inspired me to dream LARGER, to want more for myself, and has given me the drive to push my music and business to the next level, every day.

The wisdom gained goes beyond just production tricks and tips. It's MUCH deeper than that. It's the nature of sound, frequencies, artist strategies, community, alchemy, magic and more! "

Dustan Harrington // Kona, HI


Hawaii's largest retreat center. Our alchemical playground.

25-meter pool, hot tubs, and complete menu of spa services.


Where the magic happens.

Workshops, production labs and jam sessions, oh my.

Sleep Deep

Choose from a variety of awesome lodging options.

Hale Lodge

Hale Lodges - pronounced Ha'-lay, Hawaiian for "house" – are two-level Lodges with rooms and shared common areas on both levels.

The Hale Lodges are located on the central lawn near the dining lanai, and feature sweeping garden views.

Hale Lodge rooms are approximately 200 square feet and can accommodate 2-3 guests. Some rooms have private baths, and our most economically priced rooms have shared baths.


Bungalows are duplex structures that house two rooms of 225 square feet each. High, slanted ceilings and tall screened windows make these inviting dwellings a cozy and free environment.

Bungalows house up to two adults or two adults and one child. Each room contains one queen bed and one twin bed, private bath, mini fridge and overlook pastoral or jungle vistas.


Treehouse rooms are nestled under the cool shade of a large Monkeypod Tree, and are designed to invite nature indoors.

Screened walls give an outside-in sensation, endowing these rooms with tropical breezes, filtered light and spectacular views.

There are five Treehouse rooms featuring private bath, mini fridge, and pastoral vistas.


Lofts are approximately 1,000 square feet and are comprised of two private bedrooms adjacent to a shared common space.

A Loft room reservation includes one of the two private bedrooms in the loft.

Each Loft bedroom can house up to two people in one king or two twin sized beds, and has a full private bath.

The Loft common space is spacious and open in feel, and features high ceilings and a seating area


Cottages are private, free-standing structures of approximately 400 square feet that feature wood and renewable bamboo construction and a covered, outdoor lanai.

All cottages have unique artistic touches. Some are nestled in tropical foliage, while others look out over open fields.

Most cottages have capacity for up to three guests, and feature a private bath and mini fridge.


Getting Here

We are located on the east side of the Big Island. The closest airport is Hilo International Airport (ITO).

No need to get a rental car or take a cab, we can arrange for pickup and dropoff at the airport.

Festival Finalé

An initiation celebration for our collective transformation.

Blast off with a one-day micro-festival at the end of the retreat.

Rob // Salis

"Audio Alchemy was an all-around amazing experience that took my 20 years of production experience to the next level I was hoping for. The labs, one-on-one time, and exposure to other producers creates a super potent creative container that gives you the little tricks you need to take a washed out beginner track, and make it a cohesive professional sounding song. The accommodations, food, instructors, and other students made for 10 of the best days of my life. I stuck to the program, listened to the instructors and produced a song that ended up getting signed by Desert Trax. From the moment I finished the song to the moment it was signed happened within 48 hours of the retreat ending. Essentially I came into the retreat an experienced novice and left with a professional music signing.

Audio Alchemy really can be the catalyst you need to take your craft to the next level. Learn to create large sound pallets to produce your songs from. Comprehensive mastering techniques fine tune the ear to help you understand what makes a pro song sound pro. Synthesis and sequencing labs with leading producers give you the inside information to help you know what happens in other producer’s studios. Learn which plugins are working the best for different producers. Tons of super applicable information to be had, all of which elegantly woven into the alchemical format. Learn to hold space for your own creative process using alchemy, and create production techniques that work for you and help your projects through to the end. It’s the caliber of class you can return to and gleen more and more information from. I will definitely be re-attending. Excited about all things happening with this course."

Retreat Tuition

An all-inclusive 12 day deep dive towards mastery of your craft.

  • Submit application

    In order to ensure a profoundly positive experience for everyone, the retreat is by application only. If you're interested in coming, be sure to fill out an application. It's free and only takes 2 minutes. Apply here.

  • Reserve your spot

    If you are a great fit for the retreat, we will contact you with next steps. To secure your spot, we require tuition payment in full or via payment plan.

  • Book your lodging

    Once you have reserved your spot at the retreat, it's time to book your lodging option. You will book your lodging directly with the venue. 


Includes 12 days of next-level lectures, workshops, adventures, lab time and special events.



** Flexible payment plans & scholarships available.

*** Lodging + food is not included in tuition.

Lodging Rates

Includes 11 nights and 12 days of lodging and 3 super duper dank meals per day.
Lodge - Shared bath

$1045 - Triple [1 LEFT]
$1155 - Double [1 LEFT]
$1551 - Single [SOLD OUT]

Lodge - Private bath

$1221 - Triple [SOLD OUT]
$1441 - Double [1 LEFT]
$1991 - Single [SOLD OUT]


$1551 - Double
$2211 - Single


$1716 - Double
$2431 - Single


$1551 - Triple
$2101 - Double
$3256 - Single

Off-site Commuter

Meals + venue access

$825 // $462 for locals (w/ Hawaii ID)

"The Audio Alchemy Retreat inspired me to dream LARGER, to want more for myself, and has given me the drive to push my music and business to the next level, every day.

The wisdom gained goes beyond just production tricks and tips. It's MUCH deeper than that. It's the nature of sound, frequencies, artist strategies, community, alchemy, magic and more! "

Dustan Harrington // Kona, HI

Clara // Claraty

"Audio Alchemy is an event not to be missed. I come from a healing background as well as a family of musicians and to me music production has always had the potential of being something much more meaningful than just being “the next banger” or a way to express ego and get attention for it. I discovered Audio Alchemy somewhat magically in Hawaii and the program was PERFECT. You simply don’t find this combination of heart and expertise in most other offerings in the field. First of all, the technical production and sound design techniques that are offered are next level - some of the deepest layers of Ableton Live unfold.

Beyond that, they teach us to embody the alchemist, the one who brings spirit in to form and catalyzes creation into something that heals and raises the vibration of the planet. Now that is exactly what I want to do. From learning how to tune instruments to a more resonant frequency to embodying lifestyle habits to ensure our inner intent is aligned with our outer actions, to making the music just straight up more groovy and danceable - these guys truly pour their hearts into helping with it all. Not to mention even if they taught nothing - literally nothing, the community that forms here to jam and co-create and connect is worth signing up for alone. I’m going for my second year this year and I would hands down come out to Hawaii for Audio Alchemy just to be in this community and receive the downloads that come through the meeting of some of the most talented and genuine souls.

With gratitude always..."

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