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Steve Young


Steve Young (aka Hedflux) was born in Scotland, and has been DJing and producing electronic music since the early 90s. From 1996-2004 he studied a masters degree and PhD in Theoretical Physics, where he developed a passion for scientific enquiry, teaching and mentoring.

After 5 years working in the tech industry, Steve finally left employment in 2010 to pursue his love of music as a full time career.

He has been privately coaching people in music production for most of the last decade, and also giving talks and workshops at festivals and music schools across the world.

In 2013 he linked up with Andy Freist (Opulence) - a DJ, multi-instrumentalist and internet entrepreneur based in Hawaii.

The two started a "mastermind" agreement, and met every week on Skype for 3 years to help each other develop and grow.

In 2016, Steve received a long term visa for the USA, and moved to Hawaii where he and Andy started the Audio Alchemy Retreat.

Hedflux LiB


Andy Freist


Andy is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, producer, event creator and entrepreneur based on the Big Island, Hawaii. He is the co-founder of Audio Alchemy, alongside Steve Hedflux.

By approaching modern electronic music from a instrumentalists perspective, he has turned the modern producer's studio into a highly playable instrument, thus opening up profound levels of self expression.

His mission is to utilize the power of sound to shift our world into a harmonious and resonant consciously created reality.

He believes that the best way forward for our species is to cultivate a strong and tight crew of audio alchemists who view and craft music as medicine.

Oscar Allison


Grouch encompasses the audible tales of New Zealand born producer Oscar Allison. Born and raised in the breathtaking surrounds of Aotearoa/New Zealand, the incredible backdrop infused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion that would later form a pivotal basis in his electronic foray.

Ever evolving in his quest for the perfect squelch, or the dirtiest skank, Oscar has spent a lifetime experimenting and developing sounds which bend the structures of electronic genre’s, all of them encompassing an original and unmistakable essence. His passion and production, have delivered him to some of the largest crowds at festivals such as Burning man, Universo Paralello, Boom festival, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Eclipse Festival and countless other shows all across 5 continents of the globe.

2018 marks a benchmark for Oscar’s career as he launches his new project Grouch in Dub with a self titled album Grouch in Dub soon to be released. The album translates the stories of his travels through exotic corners of the world, driving the musical influences of the album.. Moving deeper into the musicality of his production, Oscar has formed a band with the session musicians recording countless hours of music to create the album. And with it, the journey begins once more with a new chapter in the Grouch Saga, and that is The Grouch In Dub Band.

Grouch Profile photo

photo by : dima haver

Or Ron Stern


Or Ron Stern, musical producer born in Israel in the city of Rishon-Lezion, is known as the founder of the world-renowned project SYMBOLICO. Or Ron began his musical life at the age of 13 when he first listened to psytrance music artists such as: Juno-Reactor, Infected mushroom, Sun project, Goa Gil, Raja Ram, Simon Posford and many more.

The timeless and limitless realm of being was a doorway for Or Ron; a doorway of creativity, the same portal which opened at the very beginning when Or Ron listened to psytrance as a child; this portal is what UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE DECODED MUSICALLY is all about: a musical expression of a higher level of knowledge. It’s a type of knowledge one stores in the heart rather than the mind.

The wisdom behind the project is based on a musical expression of the work of some of the most respected spiritual teachers, philosophers and open minded meta physicians of our time.

Johnny Meek


Johnny Meek aka TEMPI is a multi instrumentalist and composer from the Bay Area, California. He started producing computer music in 2007 and proceeded to study music technology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA where he focused on composition, sound design, and theory. While in school he was exposed to new sounds and styles of electronic music through a tightknit community of likeminded individuals, which ultimately brought TEMPI to fruition.

Since his festival debut in 2012, TEMPI has shared his musical vision in various locations around the world including Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York, Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala, Luminosity Gathering in Canada, and the 2017 Global Eclipse Gathering in Oregon.

In 2016 Johnny’s music was discovered by Steve Young (Hedflux) and the two made fast friends through their shared ideology about electronic music production. After attending the Audio Alchemy Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii the future became clear, and Johnny is thrilled to be returning in 2018 as a facilitator and experience designer for the retreat.



Shea Dawson


Echosphere is an electronic music experience created to support the opening of our hearts and minds towards a thriving civilisation of human beings, living in support of the whole ecology of life.

This project is the vision of Shea Dawson who has previously released music under the alias Mr Squatch.

Currently under heavy research and development, this exciting new project is scheduled to launch in 2019.

Maura Garland

Maura is the Audio Alchemy master of ceremonies, bringing along decades of experience in guiding groups through transformation.

Her work invites us to explore the alignment of voice, spirit and body - allowing us to reach ever-deepening states of creative flow.

As a DJ, yogi, author, and vocalist, her mission is to invoke the full potential of the human organism both individually and collectively.

During the retreat she will be offering a potent daily practice to reconnect with our bodies and sharpen our minds.


Special Guests TBA

We'll be announcing more facilitators soon!

Stay tuned 🙂

"The Audio Alchemy Retreat inspired me to dream LARGER, to want more for myself, and has given me the drive to push my music and business to the next level, every day.

The wisdom gained goes beyond just production tricks and tips. It's MUCH deeper than that. It's the nature of sound, frequencies, artist strategies, community, alchemy, magic and more! "

Dustan Harrington // Kona, HI

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