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Initiation In Paradise

By The Alchemist / February 27, 2018

The Audio Alchemy Retreat is a 12-day initiation into the mysteries of music production. It is alchemically crafted to be a catalyst for musical mastery – a potent spark of inspiration that is sure to produce vast seas of creative fire. It is no mystery that music is a deeply powerful medium of emotion and…

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The Alchemical Revival in Music

By The Alchemist / February 14, 2018

Audio Alchemy is a fusion of modern music making and ancient alchemical wisdom. It’s purpose is to serve artists in their creative, personal and spiritual development. The concept was born in 2016 from the minds of Steve Young (@hedflux) and Andy Freist (@opulence) who co-founded the Audio Alchemy Retreat in Hawaii. Coming Into Bloom After…

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