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Audio Alchemy Retreat

May 2-13, 2018 // Kalani, Big Island, Hawaii


Take yourself out of the matrix for a few weeks and feed your soul with our 10-day music production retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii


Connect with a supportive tribe of musical individuals who are transforming their lives through the practice of Audio Alchemy

Level Up

Enjoy 7 full days of talks, workshops, and collaborative music making, as well as 3 days of outdoor adventures and a festival too

"This is a realigning of the musical spirit, a rejuvenation of commitment, motivation and desire to express through sound, a reprogramming of your creative BIOS into something joyful and unrestricted. An initiation into a supportive and inspiring tribe of musical minds that nourishes the heart and soul more than anything you can get from a thousand hours of training videos."

DK // Scotland


Expand Your Horizons

Audio Alchemy is the Swiss Army Knife of music production methodologies; a complete system of knowledge designed to turbo-charge your workflow and enrich the quality and diversity of your musical expression.

Learn how to prepare your music projects for optimum flow and efficiency. Explore advanced synthesis and sound design techniques for greater range and playability in your instruments. 

Glean new perspectives on music theory, composition & live performance. Learn to make music in any style, then edit, refine and mix it to the highest standards of production. 

Nourish Your Soul

Learn how to apply the ancient science of Alchemy to your music and your life while soaking up the lush healing vibes of the Big Island. 

Discover a new family of musical compadres and share two weeks in paradise with them making the music of your dreams. 

The Audio Alchemy Retreat is a transformational experience that goes way beyond the scope of conventional music education.  


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