Audio Alchemy Retreat

May 2-13, 2018 | Big Island, Hawaii


Evolve Your Sound

Discover an inspiring approach to electronic music production developed by Hedflux & Opulence.

Learn to take total control of your plugins, and customise them to craft the sounds that inspire you.

Turn your DAW into an extension of your soul, make music in any style and craft your own unique sound.

A Journey of Transformation

Soak up the vitality of the Big Island while nourishing your artistry over 10 days of talks, workshops and lab-time.

Harness Audio Alchemy as a tool for inspiration, transformation and creative flow.

Learn to broaden your musical range, and connect your spirit to your song.


Epic Community

Spend two weeks in paradise refining your craft with a group of like-minded artists.

Our time together culminates with a collaborative micro-festival on the final day.

Stay connected to your new crew, who will inspire you to greatness and won’t let you quit.

"This is a realigning of the musical spirit, a rejuvenation of commitment, motivation and desire to express through sound, a reprogramming of your creative BIOS into something joyful and unrestricted.

An initiation into a supportive and inspiring tribe of musical minds that nourishes the heart and soul more than anything you can get from a thousand hours of training videos."

Dee Kay // Glasgow, Scotland